Simply THE BEST asphalt patch.

Performance Criteria U.S. Cold Patch® Other Cutback Brands*
1. Strongest & most durable Yes No
2. Rates closest to hot mix   asphalt Yes No
3. Fastest to set up Yes No
4. Easiest to apply Yes No
5. Year-round use Yes No
6. Longest shelf life Yes No
7. Permanent Yes No
*medium-cure cutback asphalt, slow-cure cutback asphalt, biodiesel cutback asphalt

U.S. Cold Patch® is a cold asphalt repair material that repairs potholes and cracks on roads, bridges, parking lots, driveways and other asphalt and concrete surfaces. This product is unique. It is made from RAP—recycled asphalt pavement—which has been treated so that the hardened asphalt will re-bond when compacted.

U.S. Cold Patch® is made without light distillate petroleum or biodiesel solvents found in other bagged cold asphalt products, called “cutback” asphalt. Cutback asphalt products cure through evaporation. U.S. Cold Patch® cures through compaction.

Road pros choose U.S. Cold Patch® because it’s the fast, permanent, easy to use, environmentally preferable cold asphalt product. Years of use on roads and highways around the world—and independent testing—confirm that U.S. Cold Patch® is simply the best.

Pavement repairs, asphalt driveway repairs and pothole repairs and now easy and permanent with U.S. Cold Patch.  To repair a pothole, simply clean the loose material from the hole, fill with U.S. Cold Patch and then tamp or tire roll the pothole repair.  For additional instructions see our handy How to Use guides; Repair Potholes, Repairing asphalt Cracks, Repairing shallow asphalt indentations and Repairing uneven surface gaps.