Eco-Benefits of U.S. Cold Patch

U.S. Cold Patch is made from nearly 100% post-consumer recycled materials, without light distillate petroleum solvents, such as kerosene or diesel, which are found in traditional “cutback” asphalt patching products. These solvents contain significant amounts of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which combine with nitrogen oxides in the presence of sunlight to form ozone. To reduce smog formation, many states and regions now ban the sale and use of cutback asphalt during the ozone season, late spring to early fall.

U.S. Cold Patch is the only cold asphalt patching product that has been evaluated and certified as environmentally preferable by Scientific Certifications Systems for the Home Depot’s prestigious Eco-Option program.

This product has changed the way we repair our parking lots. It goes down quick with no mess and no smell, and once the repair is made you can open the area right up to cars and customers. The next day your patch looks like hot mix. Alligatoring and delaminations—U.S. Cold Patch repairs them all.”

- A.A. California